Everything we do as a CU is made possible through donations. We provide everything for free, so there is never any pressure to give, but if you feel led to do so we would be very grateful for your support.

The money donated here is used for almost all of our activities as a CU. That could be presenting the gospel for the first time to international students in Freshers week, hosting our yearly carol service where typically over a thousand students will hear the gospel, or running follow-up events where we walk students through the gospel of Mark over coffee and get them connected with a local church.

Give Monthly

As students, we think of everything in terms of coffee and food, so instead of just numbers we’ve compared the donations to their food equivalents (this is just for comparison, we’ll be spending the money on mission, not copious amounts of coffee and takeaway 😁)

Important: “GoCardless” or “LUUCLUBSOCS” will be the reference on your bank statement.

If the amount you’d like to give isn’t listed please contact us

One-off Gifts (Members)

CU members can give one-off gifts through the student union’s Engage platform please click the buttons below in order to give.

One-off Gifts (Supporters)

If you’re not a CU member and would like to give a one-off gift then please contact us and we’ll happily walk you through the process.