Welcome to Leeds!

We’re so excited that you’re coming to University of Leeds and are interested in the Christian Union! We’d love to help you get settled into Uni well and we’ve got loads of cool freshers week activities planned.

Get connected

We’ve created a Facebook group so you can connect with other Christian freshers and a few returning members of the CU!

What’s on…

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Find a Church

Finding a Church family where you can belong, worship and serve is an amazing opportunity for every Christian. We’re soo blessed to be spoilt for choice with so many amazing churches in Leeds!

You can find our list of amazing Leeds churches here.

Most of these churches will be coming to our Church search breakfast – it’s like freshers fair for churches where you can ask them questions and get to know some people from every church, more info below:

Find a Hall Group

Every week we have groups of freshers that meet in their halls of residence to pray, study the Bible and just have fun getting to know each other. These meet on Wednesday evenings in the halls of residence.

Find out more

Still wondering what we get up to as a Christian Union? Then look no further than here! Or get in contact with us here!